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NeoLab Vietnam


Manager - Nguyen Bon

Number of Employees


Programming Languages

AI , Android , AngularjS , CSS , HTML , iOS , JavaScript , Machine Learning , NodeJS , PHP , React Native , ReactJS , Ruby ,


Engineer ,

  • Web business development
  • Drone・VR business
  • Overseas development business

December 2015


Headquarters: 1,2,3 Floor, 344, 2-9 St., Hai Chau Dist., Da Nang// Branch: 7 Floor, 60 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., DaKao Ward., 1 Dist., Ho Chi Minh Phone: 0236 3539292

Phone Number

0236 3539292


NeoLab Vietnam is a business development group capable of offshore development which is a member of Neo Career Group.

In addition to system development functions, we are building our own network for expert functions. To make it to be short on the business side, when expanding business and new business.

For example, we can offer added value by professionals familiar with each field such as “media”, “application” “AI” “VR” “marketing” “business development” “legal and accounting” “overseas management”.

Our Goals

  •  2016: Building the foundation for long-term development.
  •  2017: Become a famous IT company in Da Nang.
  •  2018: Establish new companies as “spin out” model from company’s projects.
  •  2019: Build Neolab own building.
  •  2020: Include IPO in the vision statement.

Our Highlights

  • Propose the most technologically advanced solution.
  •  Select & focus on developing company own’s strengths.
  •  Ensure product quality can meet 120% of customer expectations.
  •  Treat human resource as a critical factor for company development.


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