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TC Systems (Vietnam)
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TC Systems (Vietnam) is a subsidiary of Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad, one of the largest Malaysian conglomerates doing a myriad of business activities.

Which is from the assembly and marketing of motor vehicles and auto parts manufacturing to property development as well as trading in various heavy machineries, industrial equipment and consumer products – both locally in Malaysia and abroad.

TC Systems (Vietnam), founded on 07 April 2016 and headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam.

We aim at producing top quality software products, providing best IT solutions and services as well as integrating IT systems for business companies.

We are currently looking into diversifying IT services by leveraging on the blooming economic growth and the IT talent in Vietnam for both internal and external markets.

The company currently has legal entities in Vietnam and will be expanding to other countries in the coming year.   

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IF Vietnam Co., Ltd
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IF Vietnam Co., Ltd
We Provide Trustworthy Offshore Services

To be in charge of assigned projects, IF Vietnam has accumulated knowledge required for your company’s work.

With low-cost operations, we can reduce effort and spending on recruitment.

If we wish to hold development lines, we totally can do it with the knowledge we have acquired.

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Green Global
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Green Global
We Treasure Your Time

Green Global IT Solutions is located in the coastal Vietnamese city of Da Nang. We provide a wide variety of software services to a worldwide client base.

Time and time again, we have proven our strengths as an IT solutions partner and strategic consultant. We have excelled domestically, becoming the primary contractor for the government in Da Nang. Besides, we also build transformative software for major companies of up to 12000 employees.

But we’re not inward-looking. We have an international workforce from 5 different nations and have partnered with major companies and startups in 8 countries internationally.

And we’re not stopping here. Over the next few years, we will continue to expand our corporate presence, opening offices in the USA, Australia and Europe.

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D.A.C Tech Vietnam
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D.A.C Tech Vietnam
Asia No1 Ad_Tech Company

Vietnam DAC Tech is a Japanese-owned company specialized in developing systems and software in Danang, Vietnam.

With a team of experienced engineers, we have been consulting and development of a range of technology products in the field of advertising (Ad Tech).

Solve difficult problems and the backlog is to bring business efficiency for customers.

Unlike Out Source BPO that people often know. We can do the whole process from design to development and completion of projects such as the One-Stop type.

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Spanning The Globe

Founded in 1999 with the goal of producing quality games that consumers could easily download on mobile phones. Gameloft was one of the first companies in the world to develop games for Java and Brew enabled handsets.

We quickly created a large lineup of games for their users including impressive mobile adaptations of console games. Such as Prince of Persia and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell.

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