AI development / machine learning

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BAP IT has 4 offices in Japan and Vietnam: Tokyo, Osaka, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh.

Our strength is about developing application for smart phones, websites and games.

We will contribute to your success based on your requirements such as game development and business systems.

Blockchain technology is leading the way in the development of virtual currency, smart contract, exchanges.

We have lots of experiences in this field such as creating ICO, developing a new virtual currency, creating a cryptocurrency trading site.

AI development / machine learning
Application development
CMS construction / migration
Design development CAD / CAM / CAE
Illustration / character design production
IoT development / embedded system development
Mobile Game Development
Social application development
Web system development
MTI Technology
Japan Vietnam
MTI Technology
Make It Creative, Together

MTI is a good outsourcing company with excellent outsourcing services.

We develop software products and solutions with a core philosophy in enhancing the user experience.

As well as offering a variety of services within the software development lifecycle.

Whether you need start-to-finish support or something specific, MTI will get ramped up quickly so we can start delivering value.

Our approach keeps your peace of mind at the top of ours.

AI development / machine learning
Mobile application

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