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Since our establishment in 2010, Enjoyworks is proud to be a leading smart solution development company based on the accumulated know-how and technologies accumulated in various fields such as self-service development, outsourcing development expansion, and participation in government support projects.
We are also focusing on developing solutions that support various platforms beyond the web and mobile.
I would like to draw a delightful IT future to make our own, together with the artificial works that make strategic judgment and strive for a better future.

Mowede Company
Mowede Company
The Expert Experience

Founded in 1994, LogiGear was originally a software testing company.  But in 2005, to meet customers’ new demands, we offered application development services for mobile, web and desktop applications. This was the beginning of MOWEDE.

To better serve our clients, we decided to formally split into MOWEDE and engage with KIS to offer Application Services for the Asia-Pac region.

Our team has been providing state-of-the-practice application development services and expertise for 13+ years.

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